When my professor took off points for not putting “Holding all else Equal”


This is economics, don’t we always assume Ceteris paribus?



the sexual tension when u and ur crush are online on fb at the same time and u just stare at their lil green dot

and suddenly you know what gatsby felt like

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Captain America saved the world twice now and all it cost him was two Bucks


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How many conservative economists does it take to scew in a light bulb?


None, if the government would just leave it alone, it would screw itself in.

"Nothing changed after 13 people were killed at Columbine, or 33 at Virginia Tech, or 26 at Sandy hook. Each of those tragedies came with the same breaking news coverage as Columbine, but none generated the same sense of action because fewer and fewer people actually believed things could change. The last 15 years have been a lesson in how “never again” can be cowed into “I need a drink.”

And that’s insane. It’s an insane thing to have to accept that problem as an inevitability. It’s an insane reality to have to shrug off.

So, 15 years after Columbine rattled America to its core, people still get shot while they’re at school. People get shot while they’re at work. People get shot eating. People get shot drinking. People get shot watching movies, shopping, driving, swimming, skipping and playing baseball. It’s 2014 and in America people get shot doing basically any goddamn thing you can think of.

They don’t have to."

15 Years After Columbine, How “Never Again” Became “Oh Well” | Mother Jones (via thechosenjuan)

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the anti vaccination movement basically consists of random people with no knowledge of medicine going “I can medicine better than doctors” and it would be hilarious if it wasn’t literally killing people

you dont need vaccines, I havent had any and Im still doing great

wow, what a compelling argument. you’ve got me

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f a s h i o n l o c k e r